Saturday, January 25, 2014

WIP excerpt!

Here is a short excerpt from my WIP (which should be released by February 1!) It's called Bottoms Up, and it's a prequel to a series I am going to start soon, Bottoms Up: Pleasures Resort. 

“So smooth,” she crooned as she feathered her fingers over Allie’s cheeks. “Oh this sweet little ass is about to be so red and hot.” She gently smacked Allie with the palm of her hand. “Alex, can you help me and bend this naughty little girl over your lap?”
“Gladly.” Strong arms grabbed Allie around the waist, and Alex maneuvered her until she lay across his lap, her ass upturned and ready for the taking.
Emma pulled the coffee table closer to the couch and sat on it. She rubbed Allie’s cheeks and Allie groaned. Allie wiggled just a little bit, but Alex’s strong arms wrapped over her back and around her thighs and stilled her, holding her in place.
Allie saw the movement out of the corner of her eye just before the blow landed. *Smack* It was light but strong enough to sting slightly. *Smack.* The second blow landed on a slightly different spot and stung like the first. *Smack**Smack**Smack**Smack.* Every blow landed in a different spot. Warmth spread across Allie’s ass. The sweet stinging made her pussy throb. She moaned and arched her ass up as much as Alex’s grip would allow.
“What is it naughty girl? Not enough? You want more?”
“Yes, please!” Allie begged.
“How do you want it?”
“Harder! Please spank me harder.”
“How’s that? Hard enough?”
“Oh god,” Allie moaned loudly as Emma spanked her harder, each blow landing a little more solidly than the one before it. Juices leaked from her throbbing pussy down her thighs as she got wetter and wetter from the punishment.
Emma rubbed her hand over Allie’s enflamed ass, running one finger down the line of her cheeks and sliding lower. “Oh god, you are so wet.” Emma dipped her fingers between Allie’s thighs and rubbed the wetness over her outer lips.
“See baby, I told you Allie would love it.” Alex moved his arm that was holding Allie in place and brought his hand down hard on the burning flesh of her skin. She yelped out loud from the unexpected blow.
“She most definitely does. She just gushed on my hand.”

Allie’s ass was on fire and her pussy throbbed. She moaned when Emma’s fingers dipped between her lips and grazed her clit. She got lost in the sensations as Alex spanked her over and over, his palm landing on her already tender ass and making the fire spread. Emma rubbed her clit and sent sparks of hot pleasure coursing through her. Every blow and stroke drove her higher and higher until she reached the peak and exploded. Her body shook, and her cries rang out in the room as waves of pleasure rolled over her. 

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