Sunday, January 12, 2014

Excerpt from my Coming Soon ebook!

Here's a sneak peak at my upcoming release, Taken by the King.

Seeing the tremble race through her body, Alex smiled gently and took her petite hand. “Do not be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you.” A slight frown tilted the corners of his mouth as he said, “I’m not like my father was.” Even though none of the harem girls would talk directly to her, Elena had heard snippets of their conversations throughout the day. Most were happy they no longer had to service the old King. He had been mean and rough.
King Alex led her to an ornate golden bed, which had a gauzy white canopy hanging down around all sides to add privacy. Pushing the flimsy material aside, he helped her up onto the soft bed. Trembling, she lay back against the cushiony pillows, her tawny hair fanning out like a halo around her head. As his hands trailed down her body, she turned her head away from him and clamped her eyes shut.
Her whole life she had dreamed of being married to her betrothed, the son of a farmer in a nearby village, but the late King’s tax hikes had taken everything her parents had saved for a dowry and the farmer refused the marriage without one. Instead of becoming the wife of the man she’d come to love, she had lost her parents and was brought to the palace to be used on the whim of the now King.
A tear trickled from the corner of her eye as Alex untied the ribbons that held the bodice of her flimsy dress together. She was nothing more than chattel to be taken however he saw fit, no longer a woman or human being, just a thing to be played with. The sides of the top of the dress fell away, revealing her firm breasts. She tried to think far away thoughts as his hands squeezed the soft flesh.
Shame burned within her as he stripped off the remainder of the dress, baring her supple young body to his hungry eyes. “I know you’re upset,” he said softly as his hands returned to knead her full breasts, “but at least here in the palace, you will never have to worry about going hungry or being homeless.”
“I wasn’t given that choice,” she said, her voice filled with sadness.
“Sadly, few of us have choices in our lives. I did not choose to be King, but because of my parentage, I have no choice.”
“It is because of yer father that I have no choice,” Elena said, bitterness lacing her words. “Because of his taxes, I lost my dowry and my beloved.”
“I’m sorry,” the King responded as his fingers rolled her stiffening nipples between their tips. “Fate brought you here. You weren’t meant to be the wife of a lowly farmer. You were destined to become a lover of the King.”
“It’s not what I want,” she gasped as warmth radiated through her body from the touch of his hands upon her breasts.
“It’s what you are, and your body knows it. It’s already responding to my touch.”
Sadly, Elena knew his words were true. She had no one, and on top of that, her own body was turning traitor. “That may be so, but I don’t have to submit willingly.” She didn’t know why at that moment her mind decided to rebel. Up until this point, she’d resigned herself to whatever happened. Knowing it was useless made no difference to her. Unless she at least tried, she knew she would not be able to live with herself.
Rolling to her right, she made it off the bed and ran. She had forgotten about the guards, but it did not matter. King Alex caught her before she had gotten half-way across the room. His strong hand grabbed her dainty wrist and the sudden wrenching stop jerked her off her feet. Looking up, she saw him towering over her, the friendliness of earlier replaced with disappointment… and irritation.
“Elena… You were off to such a good start, why did you have to ruin it?” he inquired as he yanked her to her feet. “I was hoping we’d have a nice night of mutual enjoyment, but it looks as though you need to be taught a lesson.”
Fear pounded in her heart as she understood the meaning of his words. “No, please, I promise, I’ll be good.”
“A little late for that…” He dragged her back to the bed and threw her face down onto the cushiony mattress. His weight settled over her thighs, and she yelped as the palm of his hand connected with the bare cheeks of her ass. Tears flowed down her face as slap after slap echoed through the room. A stinging burn spread out through her taut cheeks as he meted out her punishment.
“Please, stop, please,” she begged as pain and humiliation flooded her body. One more hard whack to her ass and King Alex moved off her body and rolled her onto her back. She flinched as the sore skin of her ass made contact with the coverlet.
“Now behave yourself and you’ll enjoy tonight. Keep resisting, and I’ll have no choice but to get rough. Don’t make me do that.”
Tearfully, Elena nodded her head, her teeth biting at her bottom lip to hold in the sobs threatening to spill from her mouth. The unexpected pleasure that shot through her body as his warm mouth closed over a nipple sent a gasp tumbling from her. She didn’t understand why the contact made her feel good. She didn’t want to be there, didn’t want to be lying on his bed so he could have his way with her body.
Instead of trying to bite back sobs, she was now trying to bite back moans as the soft roughness of his tongue swirled around her stiff nub. His fingers walked down her stomach, and she tried to keep her legs pressed together as he sought entrance to the soft wetness between her creamy thighs. He gripped her inner thighs tightly and forced them open, and she gave in, allowing them to fall open for him.
She couldn’t stop the moan from coming as his hand rubbed her slit. Bucking against him as his finger slid inside her moist heat, she arched back against the bed. Oh god, stop, she thought, but she no longer knew if her brain was talking to the King or to her traitorous body. He moved on top of her, his weight pressing her deeper into the softness of the bed...

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