Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Books

You can visit my author page at Excessica to read details and excerpts from all of my books.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Email List

If you would like to join my email list in order always know when I release a new e-book, shoot me an email at savannahreardon at gmail. You know the format, lol. Just making sure crawler bots don't grab my email for spammalammadingdong. 

Trick...or Treat?

Just in time for Halloween, I have a new e-book.

Werewolves, Vampires, and Ghosts! Oh, My! While you are at it, throw in some demons and a merman for good measure. Seven hot, shiver inducing stories await you in this thrilling anthology of erotic horror tales. These seven stories are filled with supernatural creatures that scare, thrill, and arouse. Which will you fall for? Trick...or Treat? 


The creature loped forward. Jill screamed. She caught a glimpse of the thing, fully embraced by the moonlight before the clouds slipped back over its surface. Wailing as a renewed jolt of fear finally loosed her feet, “No, no, no, werewolves don’t exist!” Jill turned and fled up the path. Desperate to reach the rest of the group, she flew around the curves and turns, her shoes pounding against the dirt trail.
Branches tore at her skin. Limbs caught her hair and yanked it painfully as the gnarly arms impeded her flight. Looking back, she screamed as the foul thing leapt towards her. His muscles rippled with power as he glided through the air.  The weight of his body pushed hers to the ground. She struggled with him, fingers shoving against the matted fur covering his chest. No use. She was no match for his inhuman strength. Tears coursed down her cheeks as his razor sharp claws shredded her flannel shirt and bra.
“Please, leave me alone!” she screeched, praying to reach whatever part of the creature might still be a man.
A low growl sounded in his throat. He lowered his muzzle, lashing her nipple with his tongue. A shocking wave of pleasure shot through her body at the rough touch. She redoubled her fight against him. Her hands flailed against his broad chest. She bucked against him, her knee driving upward toward his groin. Her blows rained against him, but he ignored her and swiped a paw downwards. The top of her grey sweatpants tore open, revealing lacy white panties. 

You can find it at Excessica, Amazon, Smashwords... and a handful of other places, but those are the main places!