Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I've been busy the past few days working on my upcoming shifter novel for my other pen name. Sometimes, it's difficult to find time to write while holding a full time job and having a family. I love writing, though, and will be splitting my time between continuing writing my decadently smutty stories as Savannah while also working on my paranormal romance novels under my other pen name. I'm putting together my next release, Slut, which I hope will be out within the next week. Also on the future agenda is Book One of the Pleasures Resort series and the release of my sci-fi novel (as of yet untitled), which will also be available in paperback. It will be my first paperback. I'm so excited! Further down the pipeline will be a decadently erotic shifter novel that does have romance but is much naughtier and will be published under the Savannah name along with more books in the Pleasure Resort series. So lots of stuff coming up!

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