Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Naughty List now available!

The Naughty List Cover

In the Nick of Time, Michelle is traveling home for the holidays only to slide off the road and become stranded in a snow drift in a remote area without cell reception. Just as her car runs out of gas, killing the heater, a handsome man knocks on her window. Nick rescues Michelle from the cold, and things get hot enough between them to melt the falling snow.

In A Fucking Merry Christmas, we meet Mike, a man who has become hard-hearted and bah humbug towards Christmas because of past circumstances. Mrs. Claus is called in to change his outlook, and she uses unconventional methods to achieve her goal. This is definitely a Christmas Mike will never forget.



Michelle snuggled up to Nick as a chill ran through her body, the heat of the truck not faring well against the frigid wind battering against the truck. As she rubbed her face against his coat, she once again became aware of how wonderful he smelled.

“Umm, you smell so good.” She did not realize she had spoken it aloud until she heard him chuckling.

“It’s an occupational hazard.<

“I wouldn’t call it a hazard. For me, it’s a big plus. Smell is a huge turn on for me.

Nick already knew how lonely Michelle had been. He was well aware of the fact she had not been with a man in some time.

“It’s getting colder in here by the minute. We’ve only been sitting here for about half an hour. If we don’t figure out a way to generate some heat, we’re gonna be popsicles by the time your dad gets here,” Nick said with a merry twinkle in his eyes.

“I’m sure we can come up with something,” Michelle flirted back. Nick’s scent had already jumpstarted her arousal.


Once again, quicker than Mike could comprehend, the elves re-tied his wrists to the headboard. Looking up, Mike saw his wrists looked as though wrapped for Christmas, festooned with bright red and green ribbon.

“Thanks boys, you can go now. I’ve got things under control from here,” said Mrs. Claus, dismissing the elves from the room.

“Mike, you’ve been such a scrooge for the last couple of Christmases it has really begun to bother one of your nieces. In fact, your overall sadness affected her so much she wrote a letter to Santa asking him to make you happy again. There really wasn’t much dear Nick could do for your situation, so he turned you over to me. He knows I have a certain knack for these kind of situations.

“You are a fruit loop lady,” jeered Mike. “Santa is just a made up mystical fat guy parents use to goad kids into being good all year long. Besides, even if he was real, he’d be an old dude and definitely wouldn’t have a looker like you for a wife.

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